It will only take 5 to 6 minutes to open your restaurant on the DreamDiner platform, ready to get orders. Sounds fictional, but it's the truth. Hello, and thank you for onboarding! Start with DreamDiners' super-friendly wizard, which is also super flexible and customizable to create your business. Choose which type of business your restaurant is. Choose which features are needed. And always remember that everything, completely everything – can later be changed, removed, or added within your business admin panel, created once your business is live. Heading from there, surprise yourself by testing your creation by making a self-order as any one of your clients will do. Expect a summary email of this order, Or, take it one step ahead: log in to your Kitchen app to realize where all the magic happens – you can control this order from here! Even Check out Reports - live and updated all the time. Finally, choose your business model. Stick to our FREE plan or consider getting paid within the system. Sometimes, dreams come true: You might want to enroll and have your restaurant presence as a white-labeled app in Google Play or Apple's App Store. Now you can! Sounds good, ah? So everything is just minutes away and all at your fingertips.