Server Upgrade & Maintenance - NOV 16-17

If Table Planner fails to start or load – make sure you have the latest Version from Google Play here or from Appstore here (Version should be 99)

Meet the new

App Family

A novel vision for restaurant management and service experience

An integrative real-time 5-app eco-system


Preparation made efficiently and accurate

Table Planner

Optimize your reservations & seating plans


Realtime business control, at your fingertips


The joy of serving, digitally


Order, track, pay. Come again

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We Target

Food Trucks



Consider this

Cashless Restaurant

No need to hold a cashbox. Choose to accept payments digitally with credit cards, ApplePay, PayPal, Stripe, and more

Own Devices

No need for special devices or tablets - everyone uses his own device (currently, android devices only)

No cables, no wifi

No need for cable communications between devices, and even the cellular network will do the job where Wifi is limited

Dynamic Menus

Your menu can change automatically over the day from Lunch Menu to Happy Hour Menu and Night Menu

and above all...

True client restaurant experience

Clients can perform tasks that they are used to in any ordinary restaurant: like adding items to an existing order, calling a waiter for help, paying for others at their table, and more

waiter, man

Less staff

With orders being submitted directly to the kitchen stations, fewer waiters are needed to take and type orders

Less paper

When everything is handled and managed digitally - there is no need to print anything, although the option to send to a thermal printer exists

Less human errors

No client order can be forgotten, no client request or option can be missed by the kitchen


The Best Beaches

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$499 / per person

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