The Kitchen App is where all your client orders are loaded and displayed. The Mainboard display can show all items and orders under the "Main Kitchen" terminal - or just the related items linked to a custom terminal you have entered - such as "Grill", "Salad Preparations", etc. Place a Kitchen App in every kitchen terminal, and set the display selector accordingly. Your ordered items are now displayed just where they are meant to be prepared in your kitchen: an ordered cocktail will then show only in the app terminal set to "Bar" - and the Home Burger in the "Grill" terminal, etc. Drag & drop or click on any item or order palette to shift it ahead - from the "Ordered" state to "In preparation", then "Ready" - and finally "Delivered". Conducting a neat and accurate preparation process is the worthwhile goal of this app. Your assigned kitchen staff members can log in and enjoy an efficient preparation work experience!