Understanding Waiting Lists

Even on happy days when you are fully booked, you wouldn’t want to forget your loyal clients who wished to make a reservation. Planner enables you to store overbooked reservations and quickly convert them to valid reservations when any table is free.

To enter the Waiting List page, click the hourglass icon at the bottom of each time segment column.

Currently supported only in Android Apps
1. Indicates there are two reservations on the waiting list with no available table yet. (The 66 is a sample total sum for column guest in this time segment)

2. Green background indicates some waiting list reservations can already be converted to valid reservations!

3. Indicates there are two deleted reservations on the waiting list. These reservations can be resumed.

What you need to know

  • A Waiting List page for every time segment

    Click the + button at the bottom of each column

  • Shift between time segments

    Set this reservation for this time segment or shift it to another (all in the same day)

  • Enter Details

    Just like a regular reservation

  • Reservations on "Standby"

    Are stores in list, but still disabled since no table is free yet

  • Ready to convert!

    WL Reservation palette turns green when a table is free. Tab the + icon to convert it to a valid reservation

  • More options

    Drag & Drop to give priority, Edit or even Delete (in this case palette turns red)

  • Deleted

    Planner never deletes reservations, only mark them as "Deleted". This feature always enable you to RESUME these reservations

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