About All Day reservations ("AD") and By Hour reservations (from/to) ("BH")

A reservation can be defined as AD or BH (toggle select).

AD is not available when a day has more than one time segment. AD must have a single time segment, for example 08:00-16:00 or 10:00-14:00 (and in these cases an AD reservation will be considered as the whole segment time.)

A day that is defined in activity as "All Day" means opening hours are 00:01-23:59.
If needed a different rule for "All Day" - define the day as a single segment and set the segment as needed, for example 06:00-23:30.

1. Clicking a filled cell with reservation(s) on mainboard if cell has:

Cell has:Day VIewWeek ViewRemarks
BH reservationsDirect BH edit
(OnClick will open the Edit Reservation page for each BH selected)
OnClick will open the relevant DAY VIEW - from there select any reservation to edit** BH reservations are indicated as numbers in WEEK VIEW
AD reservationOnClick the AD reservation will open its' Edit Reservation pageDirect AD edit* AD reservation in Week View is indicated as a colored cell

2. Clicking an empty cell on mainboard when day is defined as:

Day defined as:Day VIewWeek View
All DayBH default, AD availableAD default, BH available
Single SegmentBH default, AD availableAD default, BH available
Multi SegmentBH only (AD disabled)BH only (AD disabled)
Day is ClosedNot availableNot available
When All Day is checked - BH fields are disabled
All Day reservation in a single segment day (17-22)
All Day is disabled on multi-segment days
On Closed days - reservation is enabled - but will be hidden on Mainborad