Feature Setup Tutorial

Guest Confirmation Messages

Your guests can now get a friendly WhatsApp message or SMS to confirm their reservation with two links: one to confirm and the other to decline. As they click, you will get immediate feedback on the reservation palette accordingly.

1. Indicates message has been sent to guest (by SMS or WhatsApp)

2. Guest has clicked to confirm reservation

3. Guest has clicked to cancel reservation

Settings Setup

  • Go to: Settings > Business

    This is your first stop

  • ADD: Business Website

    Enter a valid URL to present a preview of your business - homepage, menu page etc. (e.g., "https://pizza.com/menu".)
    If not entered, the system will use the default link as "https://www. dreamdiner.io."
    This link can also be accessed in Settings > SMS/WhatsApp.

  • Go to: Settings > SMS/WhatsApp

  • Add: Business Name in English only

    (otherwise, the default will be "DreamDiner")

  • Add: Personal Message

    (e.g., "Thank you for your reservation, we are waiting to see you at our place!")

  • Reservation details

    Such as: Date, Time, Seats - will be added automatically

  • To disable the confirmation links

    Just close the switch

  • Final message outcome

  • Client link when confirmed

  • Client link when declines reservation

Send a message

  • Choose

    Click the desired reservation on the mainboard.

  • Select button

    Will it be by WhatsApp or SMS?

  • NOTE!

    Reservation must have a valid mobile number entered; otherwise, buttons are disabled, and the device must have WhatsApp installed and SIM card
  • Sending

    Send as is or modify the texts, but do not change the given links!

  • Remember...

    WhatsApp links may be disabled in the clients' app if the sender is not in their contact list. However, in SMS, it is usually always clickable.

UI changes may differ across Android and Apple devices

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