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Table Planner

Easily Optimize Your Reservations & Seating plans

Welcome On Board

DreamDiners’ Table Planner is a collaboration tool that organizes and optimizes your restaurant table reservations.
Developed by Restaurateurs – for Restaurateurs!
With a smart algorithm in the cloud, and in one glance, the Planner will show you all reservations, on which tables, on which hour, and if any table is free…
The Table Planner is a cross-platform multi-device system running in the cloud that will robust your restaurant reservations control.


Available natively for Android and iOS.

Download App on Google Play
Download App on App Store


New Reservation

Reservation Update

One-Tap Reservation

Drag & Drop

Confirmation Messages

Mainboard Views

Activity Timetable

Waiting Lists

Presenting Android Tablet App. Images may vary in upcoming app versions and device platforms.




Business Info

Settings > Change the default business name and upload your logo


Personalize Theme Color

Settings > Theme Color > Change to your favorite banner color that best matches the logo of your business


Table Setup

Settings > Table Management > Click Button: Change or Add Tables.
On the next screen, open as many tables as needed. Give each table a name (max. 4 characters), number of seats, and choose a color. 


Weekly Activity Hours

One of the great features is that each business can customize the main board according to its weekly working hours.
Settings > Click Button: Daily Activity Hours Management.
On the next screen, choose your default, then assign each day: Default, Custom, All Day, or Closed. See advanced


Change Language Interface

Settings > App Interface Language > Change to your language. It might need an app restart (log out then log in back again).


Mainboard Display Defaults

Set the grid interval of the mainboard and the default reservation time.
Settings > MainBoard Display Defaults > set the default for the MainBoard columns and for the default reservation duration.


Personalize SMS & WhatsApp Message ​

Table Planner enables you to send your client a confirmation message for their reservation. The message includes a personal note from you (up to 160 characters), and the reservation details are automatically added to it.
Send an SMS from devices with no SIM card, or prefer WhatsApp from devices with SIM cards.
Set an English business name and compose your message. The client will see the senders’ name as your English business name.
Settings > SMS & WhatsApp Text Settings


Invite your Hosts

Admin can invite up to 5 hosts to share the mainboard and take reservations. Hosts can do everything… except making changes to your system “Settings” (Tables, Activity Hours, etc.).

Settings > Hosts Management > Click Button: Manage Hosts
On the next screen, add your Host email and name. Upon adding, the Host will receive a friendly welcome mail. 

Value Features


Upgrading - Adding Credits

Table Planner offers a flexible upgrading model: Each reservation = 1 credit.  Get as many credits as you need, pay as you go: No subscriptions, no commitments. 
Ordering instantly with in-app purchase.
Open Drawer > see how many credits are left > choose the number of credits you need.
For special offers, contact us here.


Reservations History + CSV

Table Planner enables you to track your reservations and clients or download an easy-to-use CSV file.
Open Drawer > History > on the next page, sort all reservations by Name, Phone, Date, Remarks, etc.
Click the floating button on the bottom right corner to export yourself a CSV (Excel) file.
It is mostly recommended to do so from time to time to keep a backup of all your reservations.


Android / Apple Devices

Table Planner is a multi-platform system – so you can Share & Synchronize the mainboard between devices, whether you hold an Android or an Apple device.
Some features and UI may vary between Android and Apple versions.

Table Planner is good for most smartphones and best on tablets and iPads.
Download for Android here.
Download for Apple here. 



Zoom-in / Zoom-out

By tapping the floating button on the bottom right corner – the mainboard can adjust the screen to zoom out to show all daily reservations at a glance.


Column Colors Indicators

Yellow – Indicates the current time.

Red – Indicates inactive hours as declared in the Weekly Activity Hours screen (business is closed). See also here


Reservations Sums

Vertical (right side) – sums the total guests per table. The current total daily guests expected is stated in the bottom right corner. 

Horizontal (bottom) – sums the total guests per each column (i.e., per each time segment). This value can help you plan your staff according to the hourly activity expected. 


Table sort ​

Each table has a color attribute, and accordingly, they can be displayed thus affecting the visibility of the reservations on the motherboard


New Reservation

Opening a new reservation is easy: Click the NEW button in the top banner and the following dialog page, enter reservation details: First: Select a Table Then: Enter the client name Enter the number of seats (visitors) Enter the start time and end time Enter client phone Enter a short remark if needed


Reservation color index

Blue – Reservation default
Red – Last reservation added to the mainboard
Green – reservation indicate visitors have arrived (tap reservation to EDIT page)


Reservations for days ahead

Click the date-picker in the top bar to select a date.
White background of date picker > today
Yellow background of date picker > any day other than today


Edit existing reservation

Tap any reservation to open the reservation data page.
Here you can:
– Change the data (back to the same page as New Reservation)
– Mark reservation as “Guests Arrived”
– Send a confirmation SMS or WhatsApp to the client (NOTE: enabled only if the reservation has a valid phone entered)


Special Remarks

Add a short remark to any reservation. 
Remark icon will appear on reservation palette to indicate special attention


Tag Client as VIP

A client can be tagged as VIP (NOTE: enabled only if the reservation has a valid phone entered). A grail icon will be added to the reservation palette and will automatically light in future reservations for this client number


Tag Client as Blacklist

Contrary to VIP, a client can be tagged as BLACKLIST (NOTE: enabled only if the reservation has a valid phone entered). A warning icon will be added to the reservation palette and will automatically appear in future reservations for this client number


Marked Guest as "Arrived"

Tap a reservation palette to mark these guests as “Arrived” and the palette color will change accordingly.


Deleting a Reservation

A reservation can be deleted from the mainboard by tapping on the reservation > EDIT > Delete button.
Reservation will also be deleted from the History list.



One-Tap Reservation

New reservations made easily and quickly: tap any cell on mainboard – for which hour and which table – and the new reservation page will instantly open for these values, hense only needed to fill name and guests number to execute the reservation (phone and remarks are optional)


Combining Tables

Combining Tables is a powerful tool to gather tables for a single and big reservation that exceeds the maximum seats of a single table.
On the new reservation page > tap the Single Table to Combine Tables > and multi-select as many tables as needed. The total sum of seats will change and update accordingly. On the mainboard, a link icon will indicate that combined reservation.
Note: The system treats all combined reservations as the same reservation. Thus attempting to delete a single section will delete the whole reservation.


Activity Working Hours

Mainboard weekly working hours can be dynamically adjusted according to your specific business opening.
In Settings > go to Edit Weekly Activity Hours.
First, set in the top banner your Default hours, or select default as All Day (24 hr.).
You can open as many time segments per day as needed.
Then, select per each day of the week between one choice: the Default, a unique Custom Daily Segment, Closed (so mistakenly take no reservations for this day), or All Day.


Overwrite "Closed"

There might be situations in which the business is defined as “Closed” – but a big reservation is not an option you would like to miss. In these cases system will pop an alert – but enable you to decide whether decline this reservation or to take it and mark it even in the closed section zone

Main Features

Easy & Simple UI

Designed as a simple Spreadsheet – clear and simple – no need to be a tech expert. See all today’s’ reservations and tables plan at a glance.
Reservation Palette color changes for last reservation added and when marked as “Arrived”

Customize your own: Tables & Activity hours

Open as many tables as needed, change the Main Board working hours

Share & Synchronize between Devices

Go to: Settings > Add your hosts
Multiple users can share the data and update the main board in parallel

Real-time synchronization

Any new reservation will immediately  be updated on all your users’ main boards



Go to: Google Play or Appstore and download the app. App will support any Android Device (incl. Tablets) and Apple devices (incl. iPads)
We recommend using Tablets and iPads.
Some features and functions may change and not be available on Apple devices.


Keep track of your clients and reservations: View all your reservations or download a friendly CSV file  

Upcoming reservations

Go to: Top Bar > tap on date picker handles > select a new date to set reservations for days ahead

Staff Plan

Go to: Main Board > row and column summaries are indicated
Column summary will show total expected guests per each hour and each table

Send Client Confirmation SMS or WhatsApp


Edit your own message and Business name sender as well

New reservations – best matching

Go to: New Order
Open a new order and only available tables for this hour/#seats will be enabled to select

Duplicate a reservation

Actually, a solution for “combining tables” for large reservations 

Preview new reservations

Explore available options before linking a table 

Current Time Indicator

Lights the relevant time column on Main Board to focus on current reservations

"One-Tap Reservation"

Will instantly open a the new reservation page for this table and time

Add more credits to your bank

We are here to help and listen.

We usually reply within 24 hours